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MIPS Reporting: What all eligible clinicians need to know.

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Learn how to avoid a 4% Medicare reimbursement decrease in 2019.

Prepare for MIPS in 2018 and beyond, with full implementation in 2019.

Here is how our team can help you succeed in the 4 MIPS Performance Categories in 2018:

Quality Measures: We will ensure that you are meeting the quality measures that you will be reporting data on, through continuous monitoring and counseling.

Cost: We will help you implement and track a patient population health management program that will help reduce expenditures.

Advancing Care Information: We will conduct a Security Risk Analysis, which is a required base measure. We will also ensure that you are keeping up with other ACI requirements through continuous monitoring and counseling.

Improvement Activities: We will help you select the improvement activities that best fit your practice, and help you achieve your improvement goals to provide better patient care.

2018 Reporting is included.

Note: The following calculations were made based on the current projected incentive percentages as published by the Quality Payment Program. These percentages may be adjusted in future years, and the payment adjustments below are only estimates based on your annual Medicare revenues. These estimates are calculated based on the assumption that your Medicare billed charges will remain the same every year, for simplicity.

MIPS 2017

Find out if you are required to participate in MIPS.

MIPS 2018

Find out how you can earn bonus points to get a higher MIPS score and earn greater financial rewards.

How much do you stand to lose/gain through MIPS payment adjustments?

For years beyond 2020, the payment adjustment range will remain at -9% to 9%. 

Try out our MIPS Payment Adjustment Estimator to get an idea of the financial impact of MIPS on your practice. 

MIPS 2018: Are you ready to become an Exceptional Performer?


MIPS Beyond 2017

What is MIPS?

Three participation tracks

Learn about the new Quality Payment Program.


How to report

Find out if you are eligible to participate and are required to report for 2017.


Who is eligible?

Find out how MIPS requirements will change in 2018 and beyond.


Chapter Breakdown

Learn about the financial and reputational impact of your MIPS score.

Learn about the different reporting options that are available to you. 

How will MIPS impact clinicians?



Find out about the 3 options that you have for 2017 MIPS reporting.

What is being measured?


Learn about the 4 categories that are being measured.



Read the answers to some frequently asked questions about MIPS.

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